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Be it a new jacket or repairs, TenPointNine can do it all. If you want a jacket that fits, then take note.

I took up a Thune or two, Truttmann, Tucker and an Aussie made jacket for repairs, predominantly for the Jersey Fullbore TR Commonwealth Games Squad. We had new zips, inserts, elbow pads, leather panels, canvas linings, shoulder grips, sling attachments, button hole repairs, tweaks and adjustments - you name it, Tenpointnine did the lot.

One of the jackets was used the next day for Commonwealth Games squad training and delivered a tidy 50 ex.50 for the shooter at long range (900 yards), first shoot. My repaired 7 year old jacket, having become tight across the chest in recent months due to the fine condition I find myself in, proved instantly more comfortable and the new sling support has removed the unwanted lateral pull. The jacket is also ISSF compliant once again.

With regards to the new Tenpointnine tailored jacket (as modelled), I was sufficiently confident to go straight into competition. It's also ISSF compliant and I shall be using it for the Island Games 300m event in Gotland. I had the competitor number clips attached lower on the jacket as I have never been satisfied with the traditional location.

If you were to ask me to state 3 reasons why Tenpointnine, I would say:
1. Technical knowhow;
2. Experience;
3. Customer service.

If you were to ask me about the product, the 3 big stand outs for me are:
1. Support (fit across back);
2. Elbow pad alignment due to excellent sleeve fit;
3. Quality of materials and stitching.

Initially, I was hesitant to spend the money but I was ever so slightly influenced by the 198.89 smallbore average coming from one of our shooters using a Hitex jacket tailored by Pippa. I was particularly impressed with the look and feel of the Tenpointnine jackets (Owen's technicoloured dream coat beating them all). Feedback from other satisfied customers was not to be ignored (Bob, you look great in yours too). Having seen how much work, love and attention goes into each jacket, it's money well spent, and a serious consideration for the serious shooter. Pippa has a wealth of experience and it shows.

Bruce Horwood
Jersey Commonwealth Games Squad.
Fullbore Target Shooting

We have also made lots of new products available to you and you can even buy them on this very website using PayPal, we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

As well as having an online shop, the website will also function as an ‘open-all-hours’ advisory containing general enquiry information about the kit we offer. It will also enlighten you of our other ventures as a company, and, in time, it may be home to the odd article by Pippa herself, if we ever let her off the sewing machine that is!

At present we have all of our easy purchase products available on here. We will update the website whenever we release new products. If there is a product that you think is missing, or would like to enquire about, then we would love to hear from you. You can do this easily and securely on the contact page. We will also use the
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