Final Fitting Information

Hi There,

We would like to invite you to book your final fitting.

Your remote fitting will be scheduled for approximately 2 weeks prior to your chosen date. 

Date options for this are;





This will be held at Trinity House, Whiston Hall Farm, Albrighton, Wolverhampton, WV7 3BU. We are located on Sankey Farms. 

This set of fittings will be 6 hours minimum, often more - we will stop by 19:00 and if necessary post your completed jacket at a later date. Sometimes we will have to have another fitting. The first fitting will be at 10.00. We will then contact you at 15.00 to arrange the second fitting, usually around 15.30 – 1600. Then there is one fitting after that.

You will need - Sling, Glove, Rifle, Ear Defenders, all Shooting Undergarments

If you cannot bring your full rifle, then we can carry out the fitting with just the stock, we may just leave the sleeves a little longer.


Please note that we DO NOT have an armoury or a license. Please only bring your rifle if it is safe and legal to do so. You will not be able to leave your rifle with us if you go off in between fittings.

Please also ensure that your rifle has a suitable safety flag.

We do not have the parking capacity for people to stay on site between the fittings. We can split this fitting day into 2 fitting days if that is more convenient.