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Designed for Fullbore.

An incredible jacket developed in a collaboration with Parag Patel. This jacket is a magnificent combination of reinforced padded side and back panels with highly engineered sleeves and shoulders to truly help you achieve your potential. Strap closure and zip with storm flap come as standard. Made from scratch in Shropshire.

Your first fitting will be done remotely using a specially designed 'fitting jacket'. The next fitting day will involve 3 fittings over the course of a day and will then take place at our workshop.

Dates for you final fitting can be selected here.

With regards to payment, if you would like to use our delayed payment plan, simply select 'pay by bacs' at the checkout. This will generate your order. The order will then be confirmed when we receive a minimum of 50% of the total as a deposit. The balance is then due no later than your first fitting.