We are not a one-stop-shop!

TenPointNine Tailoring specialises in sports tailoring for target shooting. Pippa has an in depth expertise in garment technology, tailoring and all 3 shooting positions.

The aim is to provide the shooter with a service that understands the many and varied components that make a successful athlete and with that understanding helps the shooter to make the most of their shooting clothing. We cater to athletes from club to international and from starter to seasoned. We measure our s uccess in the comfort and functionality of your shooting kit, and have the highest of standards, we leave the rest up to you! We have also sourced some of the highest performing undergarments to compliment any shooting kit for a range of budgets.

We provide 2 industry favourites as well as our own specifically designed prone jacket. TenPointNine is a UK distributor for Kurt Thune, offering unique services including fittings with equipment and comprehensive after care with included minor alterations as standard to upgrade the kit from made-to-measure to bespoke.

Our very exciting Prone jacket, which is now officially ISSF approved, is made completely from scratch in our workshop in Wolverhampton over the course of 4 days. The first fitting starts with a couple of pieces of calico, the last is the fine tuning of your very own Prone jacket.

TenPointNine also offers an amazing tailoring, alteration and repair service, developed to give your kit a whole new level of function, whatever your needs.

We are constantly using our general observations of shooters and shooting to develop products and techniques to answer some rarely recognised problems, our heel pad and pistol mat for example, and we are due to be launching some very exciting new ones soon!

As well as specialist sports tailoring, we are expanding into general sports and leisure wear. Adding comfort and quality manufacturing to your wardrobe as well as your kit bag!

If you would like any more information please email us with any question: