TPNT Almond Light Weight



This new jacket from TPNT ticks more boxes than have ever been dreamed of before! Below is a selection of our favorites.

  • Prone and 3P
  • Issf compliant (button version)
  • Reliable off the peg fit
  • Option for Bespoke
  • Water resistant
  • Unbelievably light weight
  • Rich history of research and tradition (more to follow on that one!)
  • Best Ladies off the peg fit ever

This jacket has been created to help shooters to develop, continue or simply find their feet (and elbows!) in this great sport.

This complex research process has allowed us to create a simple solution, allowing you to get on and practice.

All of our jackets are made from scratch by us. The lead time on this product is between 2-6 weeks subject to availability.

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