150 Imperial Rifle Cases and Prone Mats



We wanted to design products that would be ideal for use in both competition and in training. With conditions as changeable and unpredictable as those faced by fullbore shooters and with the variation of style and kit requirement of the shooters, we knew that it would have to be something truly special that would fit the bill.

The Fullbore Mat and the Rifle Case are made entirely from scratch by us in Wolverhampton. We pride ourselves on being a company manufacturing in the UK and know that it is equally important to many of our customers.

The mat has been developed to be as versatile as is required. It is lightweight and robust using highly developed foam that is very supportive while not contributing much to the weight. Each panel can be accessed from each side allowing for a level of customisation of your shooting foundation that has not been possible before. It can be folded up to half of the overall width and can be clipped together and carried easily making it simple to carry onto the point. The top panel can be detached which further increases its suitability to shooting in all weathers and many disciplines. The top panel is topped with Top Grip, an industry favourite for its fantastic gripping features, while being flexible so as not to destroy elbow pads. It is sewn down and glued to ensure no slippage can occur when you are in position. The outer fabric is 1000 denier PU backed nylon with fabulous water resistant properties while retaining its woven texture on top to reduce glare.

The case is made out of the same 1000 denier PU fabric to provide protection to your rifle while being carried in wet conditions. All straps are securely anchored with a shoulder carry strap included. The spine features 4 different points to attach the shoulder strap so that shooters of all heights can find a combination that suits them. The zips are chunky plastic zips made in the UK with double pullers and the pocket has been specifically designed to conveniently carry all of the essentials without compromising the safety of the case. The foam is high performance high recovery foam whose properties make it the perfect candidate for protecting a rifle.

We have teamed up with the NRA this year to celebrate the 150th Imperial and have produced 150 limited edition rifle cases and mats. Each case and mat has a unique number marked by a leather tag. A portion of the money raised from each sale will be dedicated to the NRA youth shooting fund. It is our intention to commemorate the wonderful and rich history of the sport of fullbore shooting, while nurturing the talent and success of its future.


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