Final Fitting for Bespoke


We have identified some dates in June 2023 that we could complete some more jackets. Please email us to find out more. 

As standard we use the following format

10 am - fitting with jacket lining requiring you, your shooting undergarment and your glove. We then make final decisions about embroidery and flashes

3pm (tbc) - fitting with you and your full shooting kit. This can sometimes be held with your stock but fittings held with the full rifle are more accurate. At this point we can confirm with reasonable assurance whether you can expect your jacket to be completed by the end of this fitting day.

5.30pm - fitting you and full kit

Finish between 6pm and no later than 8pm. 

We can hold these fittings over several days if that is more convenient, or we can do a half day fit with a 4 hour gap and we post the jacket to you afterwards.