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Luke Malčić wearing a TenPointNine Bespoke Jacket representing Jersey and GBU21 at the World Long Range Championships in New Zealand earlier this year.




The TenPointNine Full Bespoke starts at £985; Suitable for anything.

This Jacket is exactly what you want it to be, it is often the best solution for those who struggle to go for Off-the-Peg generally and those with specific requirements.  It can be in any colours you want. Made from scratch in Wolverhampton.


The Almond Bespoke starts at £850; Suitable for Prone and 3p.

Here is some more information about the story behind the Almond Bespoke.

A hugely successful jacket with a nod to History.  The Almond jacket is a result of working with Neil Almond whose mother, Brenda, was the chief tailor for Andrew Tucker.  As a tribute to their hugely successful work we have created a jacket that we like to think would be worthy of their appreciation, with a few design features as tribute.  Navy, Yellow and White, made from scratch in Wolverhampton.

The Fullbore Shell starts at £1345; Suitable for Fullbore.

An incredible jacket developed in a collaboration with Parag Patel. This jacket is a magnificent combination of reinforced padded side and back panels with highly engineered sleeves and shoulders to truly help you achieve your potential. 3 days of fitting will give you a jacket, the likes of which has never been seen before. Made from scratch in Wolverhampton.

The Almond Lightweight starts at £350; Suitable for 3P, Prone and Standing.

The styling and cut of the Bespoke jacket, in a successful off- the-peg format that works. The Almond Lightweight is held in stock by the NSRA shop in the Lord Roberts Centre.  Predominantly synthetic technical fabric outer, with heavy canvas in key panels, and leather trim and button stand, this jacket is the result of a distillation process of the key factors in the premium jackets, to create a starter jacket that works.  Navy and Orange. Made from scratch in Wolverhampton.  

This jacket is now available as a Bespoke Prone Almond Lightweight for £600, or to finish in the workshop for £430.

Also available as a Bespoke Bell Target Almond Lightweight for £500.

The SF £595; Suitable for Prone.

The SF (Smallbore /Fullbore) is a prone only jacket as standard, but can be made as a League which is 3P. The SF is held in stock by the NSRA shop in the Lord Roberts Centre.  Navy, Yellow and Grey, made from scratch in Wolverhampton.

Available as Bespoke SF for £850


Jacket fitting services

Off the Peg jackets are available only in the NSRA shop/TenPointNine shop.

Finish in the workshop jackets are available for customers who have tried on a jacket in the NSRA shop and require fit changes on the sleeve length, total length and trigger arm sleeve width. Please note any change in across back fit or chest fit will require a bespoke fitting.

Our bespoke service involves 3 fittings over the course a day at the end of which the jacket is completed. In some cases 1 further fitting will be required for the sleeves. This service is the same for all models with the exception of the fullbore shell. All fittings will need to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

The Fullbore Shell bespoke will require 2.5 fit days. 1 fitting on day 1 which will be the half day, with then an interim of at least 2 weeks before fitting day 2 and 3 which can be on consecutive days. All days will need to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

Further fittings will be chargeable, but it is worth noting that many alterations on our jackets cost less than they would on other jackets.


Extra Features

Straps instead of buttons – FREE

Buttons instead of straps - £60

Straps aswell as buttons - £20 each

Suede instead of TopGrip (shoulder) – FREE



The Fullbore Shell and TenPointNine Bespoke can be made in your selection of colours.

All other jackets can have colours replaced at £30 per colour.

All jackets can have the added design or artwork options.

Leather Applique letters £5

Embroidered name from £5

Embroidered image/design from £15


The TenPointNine Principle is a garment that allows the beginner shooter to shoot prone without a jacket.

By distilling the functional elements of a jacket, the TenPointNine Principle© provides a fixed and stable sling position for any shooter of any size.

TenPointNine has been developing a way to bring more people into the sport and make it more appealing to beginners. The TenPointNine Principle© provides a comfortable and stable sling position eliminating the familiar struggle to find an appropriate jacket.

The TenPointNine Principle© is completely ambidextrous and it is available in 7 sizes.  There is considerable overlap between sizes, meaning most people will have the option of 2 sizes.

Using high quality materials, the TenPointNine Principle© is hardwearing and weather resistant, helping prone shooters to be introduced and progress in the sport for many seasons to come.

We see the TenPointNine Principle© coming into its own in an introductory environment, taster sessions, club open days and beginner club level shooting.


This film shows 3 complete beginner shooters and one activity leader who has vast shooting experience.
We would like to thank the following for helping us to make this film ; Mike, Freya, Hal, Charlotte, Tony, TenX Streaming and Ellesmere College Shooting team staff and students.


For Information and purchasing please visit the NSRA Shop (01483 485511), Tom Rylands at Ellesmere Target Sports (01948663184 / 07957591275). For trade enquiries contact Bisley Sports Wholesale. 


Smallbore Prone Mats

Developed for shooters who both travel and want to get the most out of their jacket.

Choice of TopGrip of Sandtec top panel, provides great traction without shredding your

elbow pads.



This option is affordable and performs brilliantly. When combined with our tailoring, 

you will have all of the comfort in your elbows that you will need.


Pistol Mats

Ensure your sights are protected in competition.


Repairs and Alterations

If its broke, let us fix it!

Price list

  • Elbow £60
  • Elbows 2 £120
  • Shoulder Pad £60
  • Andrew Tucker (original) Jacket yoke repair and binding £100
  • Andrew Tucker (original) Jacket Refurb (elbows, shoulder, yoke) £240
  • Zip replacement £60
  • Flashes £10 (when done with other work) £30 (only job)
  • Binding cuff/neck £35
  • Extension up to 10cm £100
  • Strap £30 each
  • Removable strap £35 each

For Issf compliant jackets we use 2mm TopGrip and 6mm neoprene as standard on elbow and shoulder butt pad replacements.

For non-Issf jackets, we use 4mm TopGrip on the Trigger hand sleeve and 2mm TopGrip on the sling sleeve, we also use 10mm neoprene.

We can use instead of the standard TopGrip on the shoulder, we can use Sandtec or Suede. We can also put 3mm neoprene there.

Instead of neoprene we have a non-neoprene foam in 6mm.

Any leather/suede being replaced will be done in the closest matching shade we have, or in some cases black, unless otherwise stated.


Ted will be your biggest fan! 



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