Booking for TenPointNine Bespoke Jacket



Our Bespoke Jackets are built completly around you. 

You can chose the TenPointNine Bespoke, The Almond Bespoke or the Fullbore Shell. 

The TenPointNine Bespoke allows you to chose whatever colours you would like all over the jacket.

The Almond Bespoke is a version of our jacket that gives a nod to history. Read more here.

The Fullbore Shell was designed with Parag Patel especially for Fullbore. This jacket meets all of your fullbore needs.

Find more details and to download the measurment form here.

The Bespoke service involves 3 fittings. The first you do yourself, simply fill in the measurement form and select your colour and style choice. Then the second fitting will take place at our workshop a minimum of 2 weeks after your order is confirmed.  At this fitting, we do all major fitting to your jacket and position.  The third fitting will be at least 2 weeks after that, when we make the final adjustments to the jacket.

Before your first fitting, we will need to have your measurment chart and 3 photos. All measurements and photos need to be taken wearing a suitable shooting undergarment. We need a photo of you facing forward, backward and to the side.

Fittings with us are held on designated Saturdays in our gazebo outside our workshop.

With regards to payment, if you would like to use our delayed payment plan, simply select 'pay by bacs' at the checkout. This will generate your order. The order will then be confirmed when we receive a minimum of 50% of the total as a deposit. The balance is then due no later than your first fitting.

Here are our upcoming fitting dates for first fittings

19th Dec, 9th Jan


updated  09/11/20